Welcome web-surfer, looks like you accidentally ended up on the weird side of the world wide web. Well since you're here, allow me to introduce myself.

My internet name is nekopyon, but you can call me Audrey if you prefer that! I'm a random weird teenager who lives online. I decided to make this really weird website instead of doing something productive.

All of the ads and pop-ups on this page are fake!!

I'm still working on this website so please be weary of broken links and unfinished pages.

Update Log:

12/11/21 - Finished links page and re-did music page

11/25/21 - Finished music, blinkies and about me pages

11/20/21 - changed entire website theme AGAIN, this time I'm kind of happy with the results.

10/24/21 - added more pages, updated links page, started music page

10/23/21 - changed entire website theme


Welcome to nekopyon.com, a website made by a mentally unstable teenager who had nothing to do in her life so she made an entire website instead

Best viewed on a 1920 x 1080 display! Please comment any issues on my neocities profile!