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✞ about the webmaster ✞

i'm not the best at describing myself but i'll do my best. as you probably already know, my name is audrey or dishwasher. you can also call me nekopyon i guess. most of my freetime is spent listening to music or playing videogames. another big thing about me is that im a huge procrastinator and i have a hard time getting things done. whether it be school work, artwork or this website i usually avoid doing work. i have plenty of time on my hands i just dont wanna do anything lol. technically i am an artist but i havent really drawn anything special in a year.

probably the most important thing to me is music. i listen to music ALOT. like i fall asleep listening to music. probably one of the only things that keeps me going. i also love talking about the music i like. my favorite genre is avant garde/progressive. i love weird music and strange genreblends. avant garde music just has something other genres dont have. i also like black metal (mostly dsbm), jazz punk, hardcore punk, sludge/doom metal, gothic music (darkwave, gothrock, gothic metal, steampunk), and midwest/5th wave emo.

my favorite band is stolen babies. theyre music just sounds so perfect to me and fills me with joy whenever i hear them (also im in love with their vocalist dominque lenore persi). my favorite song of all time is lifeless by stolen babies, every aspect of that song is just so perfect. a few of my other favorite bands are jack off jill, unexpect, öOoOoOoOoOo, igorrr, lifelover, acid bath, dystopia, sigh, anaal nathrakh, midori, deep turtle, otoboke beaver, diva destruction, the birthday massacre, foxtails, emilie autumn, switchblade symphony, made out of babies, electric wizard, xasthur, london after midnight, sacrimoon, arcturus, solefald, trepalium, scary bitches, and asian glow.

another very important thing to me is subculture. i love all subcultures, especially trad goth, steampunk, lolita, punk, metal, hip hop, and emo. i love going to local shows and meeting people!! gothic fashion is also a huge part of my life and is how i express myself.

i don't really consume much media besides music, but my favorite tv shows are madoka magica, serial experiments lain, shiki, a series of unfortunate events, buffy the vampire slayer, kaiba, and elfen lied. im not much of a movies person but my favorite movies are perfect blue, jennifer's body, madoka magica rebellion, thirteen, and angel's egg.

i also love art (like visual art). some of my favorite artists are mark ryden, yuko tatsushima, inu curry, jessicka addams, aya takano, aquirax uno, nicoletta ceccoli