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☆ Welcome to my Website! ☆

hello web surfer welcome to this website that made instead of doing something productive jgjdhfjdjjdk

well im back after not doing anything for like 6 months and this time with the complete opposite aesthetic bc i cant make up my mind lol

basic intro about myself you can jus call me nekopyon or dishwasher or audrey im 15 years old and most of the time i dont have the motivation to work on this site but once every two months i guess ill pop up out of nowhere

now you may be wondering why one of my nicknames is dishwasher if you've actually been reading this bullshit so while i was thinking of a new name for discord i decided to name myself dishwasher74783 for some reason then i changed all my usernames to dishwasher74783 then my friends started calling me dishwasher and so it came to be. thank you for coming to my ted talk

anyways this is just personal website a made for no reason other than to talk about myself and have fun i guess idk

im still working on this website so please be weary of broken links and unfinished pages. this site will forever be a work in progress


current mood: tired

favorite song at the moment: in love with an apparition - pg99

favorite band/artist at the moment: foxtails

relationship status: single

occupation: unemployed

credits to eggramen for the CSS template used for this site!

the browser i use is microsoft edge idk how it looks on other browsers. please comment on any issues on my neocities profile

none of the graphics on this site are mine, if you see any of your graphics on my site and would like me to remove them let me know and i'll replace them

@nekopyon all rights reserved